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'I'm a Dirty Dinosaur' by Janeen Brian and illustrated by Ann James awarded CBCA Early Childhood Honour Book 2014

August 15, 2014

A huge congratulations to Janeen Brian and Ann James for their CBCA Early Childhood Honour Book Award for I’m a Dirty Dinosaur published by Penguin Books Australia.

The perfect creative team. Watch Janeen and Ann in action talking about the inspiration behind I’m a Dirty Dinosaur

View all of the Book of the Year Awards 2014 – Winners here

and a sequel…

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Clare Wright's 'The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka' shorlisted for the NSW Premier’s History Awards

August 15, 2014

We are thrilled to announce that Stella Prize Winner, Clare Wright, has been shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s History Awards for The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka. We would also like to congratulate the other shortlisted authors in this section: Joan Beaumont, Ian Clark and Fred Cahir.


Shortlists announced for 2014 NSW Premier’s History Awards 11/8/2014

The Premier of NSW, the Honourable Mike Baird MP today [Monday 11 August] announced the shortlist for the 2014 NSW Premier’s History Awards. Eight judges considered almost 150 entries across the five prize categories. The Premier commented: “This year’s World War One commemorations are a time to reflect upon our nation’s involvement in the war and a reminder of the importance of the work of historians in marking and understanding our nation’s past.”


Australian History Prize
Judges: Professor Richard Waterhouse (Chair), Dr Caroline Butler-Bowdon, Associate Professor James Curran and Dr Jennifer Lawless.
• Broken Nation, Joan Beaumont (Allen & Unwin)
• The Aboriginal Story of Burke and Wills: Forgotten Narratives, edited by Ian Clark and Fred Cahir (CSIRO Publishing)
• The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, Clare Wright (Text Publishing)

To read the full media release, shortlist and judges’ reports please visit the NSW Premier’s History Awards website here

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The War That Changed Us: TV mini-series written by Clare Wright.Starts August 19 on ABC.

August 15, 2014

The epic story of Australia and the First World War is revealed through the lives of five Australians and their transformative journeys through conflict on the battlefront and on the home front in this powerful new series.

Written by Clare Wright, Stella Prize winner for The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka (Text Publishing) and Don Featherstone.

Starts August 19 on ABC

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'Baby Animal Farm' in New York Times: Board Book Roundup II

July 28, 2014

‘Baby Animal Farm’ written and illustrated by Karen Blair has been promoted as 1 of 5 top Board Books selected by the New York Times!

New York Times Board Book Roundup II

The Review:

Written and illustrated by Karen Blair
16 pp. Candlewick. $6.99. (Board book; ages 1 to 3)

“In this sweet Australian import, five little children gambol and tromp around the countryside, feeding lambs, tickling kids (the four-legged kind), and patting and cuddling piglets and kittens. Blair, whose watercolors will appeal to fans of Helen Oxenbury, has a keen eye for toddlers’ expressions and gestures, making this book as much about the appeal of young humans as young animals. In a couple of places, her choice of words (“Nom, nom, nom” for “Yum, yum, yum”; “Home time now”) may sound foreign to adult American ears, but it’s nothing that will bother a baby.” – New York Times.

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Meet Ellie O'Neill author of a new novel 'Reluctantly Charmed'

July 16, 2014

We’ve got a teaser for you today! Simon & Schuster Australia have selected a number of bloggers to receive an advanced copy of Ellie O’Neill’s novel, Reluctantly Charmed. They’re teasing them by holding back the cover so one lucky blogger can do a reveal, but in the meantime, here is the video teaser for you:

There’s a blog tour about to start and key bloggers are already reading and posting about the advanced copy:

Teaser Tuesday: Reluctantly Charmed by Ellie O’Neill
Write Note Reviews

Saturday Sneak-Peek: Reluctantly Charmed by Ellie O’Neill
Book Muster Down Under

Mailbox Monday 7/7/14
Sam Still Reading

Reluctantly Charmed…
Kathryn’s Inbox

If you are excited about this book why not tweet about it! #ReluctantlyCharmed

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Lovely reading of WITH NAN by Tania Cox and Karen Blair #PlaySchool

June 27, 2014

CBCA Shortlisted title for 2014 “With Nan” written by Tan Cox and Karen Blair was the feature title on Play School’s new weekday series encouraging children to get up and be active.

Through play, dance and drama the presenters and toys invite preschoolers and their families to explore and develop the skills of body movement and action.

“With Nan” was the perfect choice as the story follows Simon and his Nan as they take a walk through the bush – along the way finds out that things are not always what they seem…

This simple story about camouflage is brought to life with the beautiful illustrations by Karen Blair.

Go on, treat yourself!
(the reading is 27 mins through the show)

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Billy is a Dragon: First Bite book review

June 27, 2014

We are sharing an excellent book review of the first ‘Billy is a Dragon’ title ‘First Bite’ by the author/illustrator duo Nick Falk and Tony Flowers.

Mummy ate Me blog writes…

“The obsession started when Wild Man (aged 5) saw an extract of it in Mania magazine. We read the extract over and over and over again until I finally admitted that, even though we have more books in our house than we can manage, anyone who can get that excited about a single chapter of a book deserves to own the whole thing.

So Wild Man and I bought Billy is a Dragon (the children’s marketing strategist in me was thrilled to see how well an extract can work as a marketing tool!) and settled down to read the first chapter.

We ended up reading the whole book in a single day. Pretty impressive because it is 16 chapters long.

A week later my aunt minded Wild Man and she read him the whole book in a SINGLE SITTING.

Even for grown-ups Billy is a Dragon is cool and really funny.

The premise behind the book is simple… Billy’s Mum takes him to a mysterious pet shop (always a mistake) to choose something for his birthday and Billy gets bitten by a strange looking lizard. You can guess what happens next…

The most hilarious chapter by far (and the one featured in the infamous extract) features Billy, in the toilets at school, trying to hide the fact that he is morphing in to a dragon and desperately worried that he is going to end up naked in from of his class mates. It is brilliant.

The story is great – exciting, funny, fast paced, and totally crazy. The end of the book makes it very clear that this is just the first book in a series and all I can say is thank goodness for that.

This is definitely going to be our ‘go to’ birthday present this year.

I love the way the illustrations are part of the text and it is clear that Nick Falk and Tony Flower worked closely to get the mix right. That, plus the whole page illustrations throughout the book, makes the text much less visually intimidating than books with pages full of words and I’m sure that it would work well for reluctant readers.

Its also really great for motivating a 5-year-old who are learning to read…”

Visit Mummy Ate Me Blog

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About Gotland - Fiona Capp interview on Radio National

June 27, 2014

Gotland by Fiona Capp Radio National Soundproof – podcast
Presented by Miyuki Jokiranta
Sunday 8 June, 8:05pm

When novelist Fiona Capp visited the island of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea she immediately fell under its spell. Inspired by the island’s fascinating history, its atmospheric landscape and its remoteness, she wrote the novel Gotland about an Australian woman who finds refuge there. Fiona’s encounters with locals and wanderings to the furthest reaches of the island set the stage for an atmospheric story of searching for place, for connection, and for identity.

Gotland was published by HarperCollins Publishers

Listen now

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Stella Prize Winner Clare Wright Features at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival

June 18, 2014

We’re delighted to announce that historian and author Clare Wright, winner of the recently announced 2014 Stella Award, will feature prominently at the Bryon Bay Writers’ Festival 2015. They are looking forward to her insights into the often overlooked role of women in history.

Clare won the $50,000 Stella prize for her ground-breaking book The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka which tells the story of the Eureka Stockade from the female point of view.

Kerryn Goldsworthy, chair of the 2014 Stella Prize judging panel, says: ‘The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka sheds a bright new light on a dark old Australian story. In her account of the Eureka Stockade and the years leading up to it, historian Clare Wright revisits that well-trodden territory from an entirely new perspective, unearthing images, portraits and stories of the women of 1850s Ballarat and the parts they played, not only in its society but also in its public life, as they ran newspapers, theatres and hotels with energy and confidence.’

In her acceptance speech, Clare announced that she would donate 10% of the prize money to be split between two organisations close to her heart, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (the Byron Bay Writers Festival charity partner) and Northcote High School.

Check out the program here:

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Ten Twitter Tips : Promote without driving people crazy!

June 05, 2014

More and more publishers are requiring creators to “create” a social media profile as part of their contract.
Here’s a clause I received yesterday:

We expect you to have a social media presence. You will:
a. write text for at least one blog entry about the Work (not less than 200 words) which will be uploaded to the Publishing website;
b. create a social media presence e.g. Facebook page to promote your book, or promote the book on your existing social media page or website;

It does make me wonder… Nothing screams DESPERATE more than a social media profile that is constructed for promotional purposes rather than evolving organically as part of a “conversation”. Still, as social media is becoming an essential part of publishers’ publicity and marketing campaigns it’s good to encourage creators to start thinking about it if they’re not already active on social media.

Here’s an article I discovered (via twitter) yesterday:
10 brutally honest Twitter tips for creators: How to promote without driving everyone crazy:

Oh, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! @Jacinta_DiMase

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